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This page is under construction.  Be sure to check back for updates. 
It is intended to give you an idea of some of the places you can access with a Backwater Expeditions, but is not an all inclusive list.  

East River

Navigate the meandering channels of East River, where you'll encounter picturesque historic tide mill, quaint waterfront cottages, and other historic sites along the way.  We offer delivery to most locations on the East River, having relationships with several vacation rentals and the Inn at Tabbs Creek.  Enjoy great fishing and leisurely cruises along the scenic river where you might even catch the Mobjack Rowing Association practicing in their shells.  Locals and visitors alike frequently anchor up and enjoy the East River.


Ware River

Explore the scenic wonders of Ware River as you navigate its winding course. With abundant aquaculture operations, be sure to follow the channel as you navigate out to Mobjack Bay.  Excellent fishing is found in the River and nearby.  Keep an eye out for ospreys, herons, and other wildlife that call this pristine habitat home.  A go to location to launch for speckled trout fishermen. 


Winter Harbor

Take the path less traveled and cruise along the serene waters of Winter Harbor, where the scenic beauty of the coastline unfolds before your eyes. Navigate through winding channels and marshy estuaries, where you can observe a diverse array of wildlife, including migratory birds.  If conditions are right you may be able to navigate through to nearby Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve to explore a natural constantly changing environment.  Enjoying the lush marshlands as you immerse yourself in the natural splendor of this pristine coastal paradise as you navigate your way through our most remote offering.


Newpoint Comfort Lighthouse

Embark on a boating adventure to Newpoint Comfort Lighthouse, an iconic Mathews County landmark steeped in maritime history.  Marvel at the majestic structure rising from the waters as you approach. Have an up-close view that can't be had at the observation deck, and capture breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape from the vantage point of your rental boat.  An adjacent shoreline is a popular boating destination with boats anchoring up numbering in the hundreds on the weekends, but weekdays are lower key with less visitors, sometimes you might have it all to yourselves.

Piankatank River

Check out the tranquil waters of Piankatank River, where you'll encounter charming waterfront communities, secluded anchorages, and pristine fishing habitat. Whether you're fishing or simply enjoying a leisurely cruise, Piankatank River offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure.


North River

Discover the natural beauty of the North River with a trip leaving out of Mobjack Bay Marina.  The owner of Backwater Expeditions operated out of the marina for years.  Some of our favorite fishing is located out of this location.  Book today so you can try some of the best spots for finding speckled trout!  Enjoy cruising past elegant homes both historic and modern.  While this destination doesn’t offer a nearby public beach the tranquility of this unspoiled waterway won't disappoint.  

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